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Sprint lead: faaborg
Sprinters: faaborg, ehsan, beltzner

Update the privacy prefpane UI

Goals / Use Cases

  • Present the user with a single choice about locally stored information (history) before hitting them with the full complexity of managing all settings
  • Clearly define (through the use of a group box) what "history" now means in Firefox (all information implicitly collected).
  • Present contextual help to the user about other privacy related features, like private browsing, clear recent history, and the cookies window.
  • Enable users to control the behavior of the awesome bar, in case they have a large number of bookmarks to sensitive information.
  • Simplify the interface so that we later have room to include other privacy related features, like potentially opting out of targeted advertising

Non Goals

  • Assume the user already knows what is being collected, or how a browser works
  • Expose implementation level terminology (like cache)




bug 462041