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The detailed view for a specific add-on in the Add-ons Manager currently contains a very small subset of the available AMO data. Previously, the amount of data shown was restricted by the available screen real estate. The Add-ons Manager rewrite greatly increases the available screen real estate, allowing for new possibilities. By including more of the available AMO data, users would not have to switch between the Add-ons Manager and the AMO site as much.

  • Project lead: bparr
  • Project members: Boriss
  • Potential reviewers: Mossop, Unfocused
  • QA contacts: hskupin




  • Add ability to search for add-ons on AMO through the Add-ons Manager
  • Provide more information in the detail view and digest view
  • Store the additional data for installed add-ons


  • Allow users to rate add-ons from the Add-on Manager

Newly shown AMO data

  • Local (installed) add-ons
    • Rating (include?)
    • Homepage link (developer defined, or AMO addon page?)
    • Autor profile link
    • Last release date (show last updated date instead?)
    • Contribute link
    • Screenshots
  • Remote (available on AMO) add-ons:
    • XPI url (for ability to install from Add-ons Manager)
    • Rating
    • Review count
    • Download count
    • Homepage link
    • Author profile link
    • Last release date
    • Cost (paid add-ons only)
    • Buy add-on link (paid add-ons only; instead of install button)
    • Screenshots


  • 2010/05: [Landed] Move nsAddonRepository.js to a JSM (Bug 568728)
  • 2010/06: [Landed] Add support for searching add-ons on AMO via the search bar (Bug 558287)
  • 2010/06: [Landed] Begin showing new information from AMO in detailed and digest view (temporarily storing information)
  • 2010/07: [Landed] Create back-end storage for storing new information for installed add-ons

Delivery Requirements


  • Mock-ups from Boriss


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