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We strand some hundreds of thousands of users on each point release - people who don't come along with subsequent security updates.

We should understand why that is.

Current Status

We have preliminary data from metrics, still looking for eye opening trends.

Open Questions

  • Are these users significantly different than our overall user base?
    • All mac users?
    • All europeans?
    • All occasional users?
  • Why do certain versions have half, or twice, the overall "strand rate"?
    • Is it a function of release lifetime?
  • Is the lack of update a deliberate choice or a technological limitation?
    • Compare AUS and Blocklist to gauge "intentionality"
  • How much can be attributed to third party distributors (e.g. Linux distros) that have their own release cycle?

Next Steps

  • Talk with Metrics
  • Figure out as much as we can from the existing AUS/Blocklist data
  • Figure out what additional telemetry we could send/surveys we could run to help understand the rest

Related Bugs

bug ???


  • Project Lead: ss


  • None yet

Goals/Use Cases

  • Understand why users are being stranded
  • Help them not be stranded any more

Non Goals

  • ...