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Bookmarks and History


Panorama is a great power-user feature, but it's a bit limited in scope. In some sense, it's the logical extension of the 1-dimensional tab bar into the 2nd dimension. But Panorama has a lot to offer other feature sets in the browser, too.

In that vein, the goal becomes to integrate Panorama more firmly with the browser. One way to do this is to suppose that there is very little difference between your "live" tabs and your bookmarks/history if we represent them all as thumbnails. With that in mind, a button is added to our burgeoning panorama-button/search bar in the "Initial State" mock-up.

Adding these features into Panorama isn't meant to take the place of existing History and Bookmarks management, but merely add some quick common actions into the Panorama workflow.

Initial State


See the button? Seeeeeee it?

Zoom State

My vision for how this button works is that once clicked, the user is zoomed slightly out of the main Panorama UI to uncover their history and bookmarks as if they'd been hidden just off the screen the whole time.


In this view you should be able to drag tabs and groups into your bookmark bar, both bookmarking them, and removing them from your current browsing session.

You should also be able to drag items/groups out of the history and bookmark sections into your "live" browsing session. This action would not remove the items from the bookmarks/history group

Specific interactions

  • It should be possible to drag tabs and groups out of History and Bookmarks into Panorama, either as their own group or into existing groups. This action should not remove them from the History or Bookmarks area, a change "live" group behavior.
  • It should be possible to drag tabs or groups into the Bookmarks area, though not the history area, to create new bookmarks or groups (folders) of bookmarks.

Things to consider

With the addition of Bookmarks, specifically, the question of how to surface nested groups/bookmark folders arises. The bookmarks menu allows for nested folders as deep as the user cares to create them. Panorama should probably allow for one level of nesting, though more than that begins to beg difficult UI questions.