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What is Tab Candy?

Tab Candy is an experimental project to help organize your browsing. With one keystroke Tab Candy shows an overview of all tabs to allow you to quickly locate and switch between them. Tab Candy also lets you group tabs to organize your work flow. You can create a group for your vacation, work, recipes, games and social sites, however it makes sense to you to group tabs. When you switch to a grouped tab only the relevant tabs are shown in the tab bar, which helps you focus on what you want.

Why do I need Tab Candy?

Browsers don't support the way we use the modern Web. It's hard to keep everything straight with dozens of tabs all crammed into a linear order. Your quick search to define a word gets mixed up with your tabs on music composition. Often, it's easier to open a new tab for a reminder or to try to find the open tab you already have.

When will Tab Candy be a part of Firefox?

The Tab Candy project is in early development, so it has yet to be determined if/when Tab Candy will be a part of Firefox. Check back here for more details.

What are the current features of Tab Candy and how do I use them?

Instant Overview - Never lose a tab again

Press Cmd+E (Mac) or Control+E (Linux, Windows)bug 592183 to zoom out and see thumbnails of all open tabs. Click on one to zoom back in. It's a quick visual way to search for that one tab you need with work research or directions to the restaurant.

Lightweight Grouping

Drag two tabs together to create a group to keep related tabs together. You can even name groups for all your videos, research, social sites or whatever you need. If need a group from one tab just click and drag to create one. You can easily rearrange tabs and drag them anywhere inside a group or between groups.

Right now there is no automatic grouping, but it is a feature we are working to deliver.

Only the Tabs You Want

When you go to a tab in a group, you'll only see the tabs from that group in the tab strip. That means you can focus on the task you are doing. Work tabs stay separate from play tabs. Clean tab bar, clean mind.

Organize Your Space

Tab Candy is not just the ability to move tabs around, you can move groups so that they fit your needs. Make the group with your calendar and email bigger so that you can see what's new just by zooming out to Tab Candy. Hide the group with distractions in a corner. Keep things to read in a long vertical list.