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  • View source currently opens in a separate window that doesn't share the browser UI or features and, being in toolkit, requires overlays to tack on Firefox integration
  • Link browsing currently feels incomplete since there's no way to open links in windows or tabs and back and forward are only available via the context menu
  • By opening in a tab, we get these features for free without duplication and they'd stay in sync with any changes made to them for normal browsing

Current Status


Next Steps


Related Bugs

  • bug 103622 - show view-source in a tab, not a separate window (SeaMonkey)
  • bug 464336 - Can not middle click to open new tab on "view page source"
  • bug 469103 - Linkified links in View Source should respect fragment
  • bug 469434 - links in "view source" should have "copy link location" in context menu
  • bug 469435 - Ctrl+click on links should open new "View source" window
  • bug 520397 - Open links in new tab with middle click from View source




Goals/Use Cases

  • Eliminate standalone view source window and replace with a content page
  • Duplicate current features (selection source, MathML source (or drop it?), go to line, line wrap) using only content script where possible

Non Goals

  • Line numbering
  • Better syntax highlighting


  • Source Viewer Tab: An existing addon for the purpose. This reuses chrome://global/content/viewSource.xul with little changes.