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Deliver Firefox 3.6 builds for Windows CE 6, specifically focused on the NVIDIA Tegra platform.

Current Status

  • Nightly builds available for trunk and 1.9.2

Next Steps

  • Tech/Development
    • Verify new faststart work
    • Modify cab file generating script to accept extra pieces for inf file, to enable setting registry entries for faststart
    • Triage remaining nv bugs
  • Build/Rel
    • Pick version name for the initial "final" delivery (beta 1?)
    • Ensure that we can update it independently from other firefox 3.6 releases (separate stream, so we can push more frequent updates to that channel if we need to, for WinCE platform)
    • Generate automated release build and an upgrade for it; test upgrade
    • Future firefox betas/rcs/etc. should include CE builds
  • QA
    • Final test plan
  • Production
    • Custom firstrun page for CE?

Related Bugs


  • Project Lead: vlad
  • Llama wrangling: dolske
  • Update consultant: rstrong

Former Teammembers

  • Stylist: zpao


Goals/Use Cases

  • Deliver Firefox experience on ARM-based netbooks running Windows CE

Non Goals