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Sprint lead: Dao
Sprinters: faaborg

Various border-image fixes and theme clean up items on Windows

Goals / Use Cases

  • Small polish improvements to the windows theme that are now possible due to border image support
    • Site and search button: goals are cleaner default look, and to add hover and hit states for visual feedback when interacting with the control, and to make it feel like a button
    • Bookmark contextual dialog: goal is to visually associate the panel with the control that created the panel.

Non Goals

  • A complete re-organization of our default chrome
  • A zoomable user interface
  • Anything involving pie menus


  • Site button:
    • Color border on all sides
    • Slight highlight on part of the top half of the right side
    • Perfectly mirrors the design of the forward button



bug 413059, bug 462977