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Create a single about page for aggregating the various "report issue" functions we currently expose as separate Help menu items.

Specifically, combine the "Report broken site...", "Report web forgery..." and proposed "Report Attack Site..." functions.

Current Status

Not started. In-bug discussion only.

Next Steps

  • Visual Design

Related Bugs

bug 510633


  • Project Driver: <wanted, could be johnath>
  • UX: <faaborg has expressed interest>


Not started.

Goals/Use Cases

  • Make it easy to tell us about a problem without having to understand our separations about problem-categories, or understanding who our backend partners are (e.g. Google for safebrowsing reports).
  • Aggregate multiple, divergent report-issue experiences in one place
  • Structure the workflow to improve signal to noise

Non Goals

  • Adding new types of reporting
  • Any change to what happens with submitted data
  • Hendrix integration (maybe just a non-goal for the first pass)