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Firefox Screenshots 2018 Q1 Objectives and Key Results

Final Status (Mar 30) Comments
Objective 1 Tidy up Screenshots so that it can transition to new owners easily. .75
KR1 Implement a dashboard for relevant Telemetry pings 1 Jupiter notebook
KR2 Close 100% of code quality bugs .46 16 bugs closed (out of 35)
KR3 Complete optimization backlog spreadsheet .8
Objective 2 Make the Screenshots project easier to manage so it takes less work to run. .54
KR1 Document current test coverage and strategies 0
KR2 Test coverage for five additional paths in Firefox 1
KR3 Implement an admin interface .15 Repository exists, MVP bugs filed
KR4 Support the GitHub+Relman group decision by participating in 100% of the meetings and reporting back 1
Objective 3 Expand offered features so that people find Screenshots to be a useful tool. .93
KR1 Implement Firefox Accounts integration 1
KR2 Implement a working prototype of a Chrome add-on .8 The add-on runs and takes shots. It doesn't upload to the website yet.
KR3 9% of uploaders after the feature launches annotate a shot 1 Annotations Dashboard: 346k users, 44k start annotation, 22k save the change. If we base this on starting, that's 13%, if we base on saving that's 6.5%. The 9% goal was based on in-market usage of annotations from EasyScreenshot in use in Mozilla China. Depending on how you interpret the goal, we are above or below this, so I think it's safe to call this 100%.