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Cross Product Management Meeting


  • Share updates, decisions (made or needing to be made), anything of impact relating to our cross-product iniatives
  • Can include Dev Tools initiatives, but likely after we've got the other initiatives a bit more underway
  • Can also discuss any best practices, tools etc - anything relating to how we do our jobs

Reading List

  • Deb
    • Desktop risk -> 38 vs 39 & impact to Spring event (see below)

Send tab to

  • Bryan
    • Desktop
      • Waiting on UX Work bug 1120529
        • Should be picked up next week
    • Fennec
      • ping Anthony for bug

Password Management

  • Bill
    • Meeting next week (Tues, Jan 27)


  • Kev
    • Two mobile showstoppers should be ready for testing by this Friday (facets and geo-location). Geo-location, which is a global improvement, will push this evening Pacific Time, ready for test on Friday. Facet templates may push over the weekend, will have an update tomorrow.
    • Discussed having yahoo hide the 'local' facet for unsupported countries - this won't be ready for this Friday, but we'll be updated as to when this could be implemented ([KR] - Kev, I forgot to put this in my summary notes from yesterday's call)
    • Need to expand geo-lookup functionality to modify search entry points given need to regionalize vs. localize.
    • Auto-correct results mitigation shipped last week; minor corrections to case-sensitivity and plural triggers pushing Thursday evening
    • Video changes will be somewhat dependent on MSE support. Will work with Program Mgmt and Javaun to work on timing
    • Hijack mitigation planning started, will have impacts/dependencies on addon signing and FHR self support, and eventually platform and front-end.


  • Romain
    • MWC discussion

Polaris / Privacy

  • Javaun
    • Tracking Protection timing update? Targets? Approvals?


  • Javaun


  • Karen
    • Relying on cloud-based Reading list, Send Tab (via current sync infra), and FxA integration
    • Dogfooding program in discussion
    • Going to try creating a schedule that gets us in 'Spring' but don't know when in Spring exactly yet....

Spring Event

  • Fx 38 is our target release to hit the best 'timing'
  • Aiming to include:
    • iOS: v1 (best case), otherwise beta
    • cloud-based reading list -> feels like Desktop is a big risk?
    • send tab between Firefox instances ??
    • Hello improvements ?? -> fennec would want to have 'link creation' included but not likely in Fx 38 timeframe... think this helps close the remaining gap we *can* close in the near-term for mobile


  • Trello to be used as project mgmt / engineering tool
  • Aha to be trialled by the rest of the PMs to see if we want to use this as our roadmapping tool