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Please do not edit these pages without permission of the Bon Echo steering group. Your feedback and comments are welcomed on the discussion page.

Product Goals & Objectives


Bon Echo will focus on user interface innovations that help the user in their common browsing tasks interacting with search, bookmarks and history, and improvements to tabbed browsing, RSS handling, managing extensions, security and performance.

Put into marketing-speak ..:

Bon Echo will deliver better performance, and improvements to virtually every part of the web experience, including new capabilities for managing and organizing a user's personal web information. From best-of-breed tabbed browsing to industry-leading web standards support, Bon Echo will demonstrate Mozilla's continued commitment to driving the web forward for every user, everywhere.

See also: Firefox Product Development Charter


Bon Echo will continue Mozilla's focus on the individual user. We will serve the widest possible set of people who have the most common goals and are trying to accomplish the most common web browsing tasks.

Context and Environment

Many environment factors will influence feature prioritization and release management decisions for Bon Echo. The success of Firefox has led to a more competitive and innovative environment for Web browser and Web technologies. It has also provided new opportunities for distribution and reach into new markets. Also, Microsoft will release an updated version of both their Web browser and operating system in the second half of 2006.