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Meeting Details

  • 1:00pm PST (21:00 GMT)
  • Mozilla HQ, 1st floor conference table
  • +1 866 216 2181
  • join #bonecho for attendance taking

In Attendance


  1. Feature Planning & Prioritization Review
  2. Firefox 2 Planning Wiki
  3. Any other business

Feature Planning & Prioritization Review

Visual Refresh

  • no comments, yay

Bookmarks & History

  • myk: microsummaries should be added as a P3 item
    • P2 - ability for extension authors to define microsummary information
    • P2 - ability for page authors to encode microsummary
    • P3/4? - ability for user to build their own microsummary
    • gerv: will we make this a big name feature for Fx2?
    • beltzner: we'll know closer to RC1, I guess
  • schrep: I think we need to ensure that there's a compelling enough reason to move to places if the only aspect of it that's P1 is the backend change
    • API pieces need to be moved to P1
    • beltzner: if we move the new Places UI to P1, will that be bad?
    • ben: that less tags as P1 shouldn't affect ship date
    • shaver: that's not really on the requirements list atm, and it should be

User Experience

  • the usability study should be a P1
  • shaver: is the scope of session restore just the content, or will hooks be available to extension authors?
    • dietrich: current scope is content area only
    • bsmedberg: we're also just storing the URL and pulling from cache, but not storing the DOM
    • dietrich: we are storing some form data (inputs, textareas, checkboxes)
    • shaver: I'm interested in the extension hooks because it would allow for a deeper type of restore; could be an event, category of observers for serialize/deserialize; I'd propose a P2
    • P2 - ability for extension authors to contribute to the session saving structures
    • axel: we also want to be avoid the crash-reload-crash loop as well, that should be added as a requirement
  • spellcheck should bump down a P-level
  • jhughes: I'd like to see the browsermessage stuff promoted to being a product requirement, P2
  • shaver: the restore defaults thing from search should be promoted to a profile-wide thing; P3? P2?
  • need to add back the notification area requirement (general area in browser UI for application and extensions to notify users of ... something)


  • it's based on the SAX parser
  • beltzner: we're gonna drop the requirement for "chrome priv'd controls" since that's a design solution, not a requirement
  • dietrich, ben and others: combine feed items #2, 3 and 5 into a single higher-priority item, eliminate item #1 (it's an implementation detail)


  • beltzner needs to remove his implementation details
  • P5s need to be rendered differently, hard to see it was deleted
  • improve the UE around application updates for extension updates
  • bsmedberg: locale packs need to be P1'd to support the download size requirement
  • make first item P1, less implementation detail-y
  • shaver: support for new add on types as P3
  • shaver: we should rephrase items 1-4 into three seperate entities: management experience, install experience, update experience


  • s/adding and removing/managing/
  • shaver: leave restore defaults in, but it should be profile-wide
  • s/shadow text/discoverability/
  • schrep: search bar update toolbars have had a lot of innovation, should we be uplifting?
  • ben: a couple of additions
    • P3: combine bookmark keywords and keyword search (ie: single provider for search)

Distribution Support

  • rephrase EULA requirement so that it's more understandable
  • P2s providing 110n'd EULAs
  • P3s legally binding l10n'd version of the EULA
  • the bits around anti-phishing should move down to the anti-phishing section, duh
  • need to add MSI support at low priority just to get it back on the radar

Infrastructure & Performance

  • remove the "respect and protect" item (it's part of the FFx charter)
  • rephrase "data model" to talk about requirement to document, fact it's not just UI instrument data
  • reprioritize the API and hooks to P3, add "for extensions"
  • performance section needs to be revamped entirely
  • most people agreed that performance around memory should be a P1
  • schrep: the issue is around getting benchmarks to make it crisper; we need to capture a better idea of what's pissing people off about our memory usage, and fix that as compared to our competitors
  • shaver: "market acceptable" memory usage?
  • choffmann: we also need to be testing more appropriately, with interactions instead of static content
  • cbeard: set benchmarks, align to use cases


  • move respect privacy to the blurb and link back to the charter
  • move API item to P2
  • s/removed/disabled/
  • remove the last SSL issue

Platform Support

  • need to formalize the platforms and locales that we support
  • need to formalize which linucies to support, which Mac (universal? PPC?)

Firefox 2 Planning Wiki

totally didn't get to it

Any Other Business

totally didn't get to it