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Meeting Details

  • 12:00pm PDT (19:00 UTC)
  • Mozilla HQ, 1st floor conference table
  • join #bonecho for backchannel


  1. Bon Echo RC 3
    1. Post Mortem
  2. The Final Push to Firefox 2
    1. QA Team
    2. Build/Infrastructure Team
    3. Product Team
    4. Extension/Developer Relations Team
  3. Schedule Checkup
  4. Any Other Business

Bon Echo RC 3

The Final Push to Firefox 2

QA Team

  • wiki tracking page has the list of tests for RC3
  • no new issues have appeared since RC2, so things are looking pretty good
  • pkim: QA's testing the in-product pages right now with us, but that's the last big item
  • timr: we also have some end-to-end testing to make sure that the locales are sending the appropriate tracking codes to partners, etc.

Build/Infrastructure Team

  • Assuming no respins, we need to move deliverables around on servers, no AUS work needed (RC3 doesn't need to be updated in any way to become Firefox 2). This would take about 1 work day to complete.
  • If respins are required, then we need to do the standard process we've been using for each RC, which takes 4-5 work days.
  • justin: don't release this or next thursday, let us know as soon as possible. There's one step left to do before our mirror network is ready. I'd also recommend not going between 10am and 2pm, as those are already high-bandwidth times.
    • bsmedberg: since we're not pushing updates, what sort of load are we expecting?
    • schrep: we don't really know, but it's bigger than our average update size, and the swarm we're expecting is about 5x normal traffic

Product Team

  • pkim: for in-product pages 36 of 39 languages have been translated and are now up on staging server, we're missing Bulgarian, Macedonian and Belarussian.
  • wclouser: we're pretty good on the server side as well, garrity's finishing some CSS issues for LTR
  • pkim: the updates are being delivered later today
  • schrep: can we push the in-product pages before release?
    • pkim: yes, and that would make QA easier
    • beltzner: we should make sure that our existing redirect-fu doesn't adversely affect previous versions of Firefox?
    • schrep: when we push to the live site, we should check this again
    • cbeard: we should also set up some regression testing suites to make sure we don't break this in the future when we do our security and stability releases
  • pkim: there's some additional plumbing stuff that needs to happen on, pushing all root-level content and moving it to en-US/ to prepare for hosting all localized content on
    • wclouser: those redirects and preperatory steps are already on the stage site as well
  • mary: press briefings have been happening, a bunch more this week and next week. Lilly's in Japan this week. Wrapping up the reviewers' guide for european journalists next week. Also trying to wrap up the press release very soon. Schrep's going off to Europe next week as well. Should be a total of about 150 journalists contacted.
  • 280 Firefox Parties registered, and the party pack is going to be available soon
  • shaver: we're also missing comps from nobox about the add-ons related in-product pages (bookmark add-ons, add a dictionary link). This will take both HTML production and redirects.
  • axel: we usually do a final sign off from localizers saying that their locales are ready to go, since they have not been able to test in-product pages
    • schrep: maybe I'm being dense, but the only thing they need to test is the code that calls the URL, which they have already signed off on. Are there other issues that might result in us pulling locales?
    • beltzner: so are we signed off on the code/bits that are in RC3?
    • axel:
  • cbeard: three things will be done today: 1) the new Privacy policy will be posted online, 2) hosted EULA for major updates will get posted and staged so it can be tested properly, 3) translated EULAs for a dozen or so locales
  • beltzner: I need to hand pkim a list of final release notes as well
  • cbeard: we should be following the standard product release checklist in these meetings from here on out

Extension/Developer Relations

  • chofmann to update us on extension developer outreach (still several extensions to be updated), as well as many popular extensions in AMO queue to be reviewed.
    • cbeard: we've been doing outreach aggressively, about 700 extensions have been updated. Now we're moving on to 1:1 outreach for the most popular extensions which haven't yet been updated
    • shaver: we have a set of 25 recommended extensions that we'll be driving users to, and we're focusing on getting good screenshots and copy produced for that ASAP.

Any other business

  • bsmedberg: locale packs will be put on AMO in time for release

Schedule Checkup

  • RC 3 Release: Monday, Oct 16th
  • All Project Dependencies: Tuesday, Oct 17th
  • Release timeline decision: Thursday, Oct 19th
    • standard release checklist being tracked and managed
    • in product pages online & tested
    • pages staged & tested
    • release notes staged & tested
    • EULA staged and tested
    • new privacy policy staged and tested
    • press release ready to go
    • extensions updated & ready for Firefox 2