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Official Firefox 3.5 Icon Files

Please note that while these files are available for download, they are Mozilla Foundation trademarks and must only be used in accordance with the Mozilla Trademark Policy. The Firefox Logo Style Guide has additional information about proper usage.

Download Everything

Download everything (2.9 MB)

Icon Files

Windows ico

OS X icns

Favicon (to replace an ico)

Favicon (to replace a png)

PSD grid with all pixel polished resolutions


firefox-16.png firefox-22.png firefox-24.png firefox-32.png firefox-48.png firefox-64.png firefox-128.png firefox-256.png firefox-512.png

No Shadow

firefox-16-noshadow.png firefox-22-noshadow.png firefox-24-noshadow.png firefox-32-noshadow.png firefox-48-noshadow.png firefox-64-noshadow.png firefox-128-noshadow.png firefox-256-noshadow.png firefox-512-noshadow.png

Official Firefox 3.5 Vector Files

We will also be releasing vector files for the new Firefox icon (to help with crop circle planning, etc). However we need to finalize a license agreement to accompany them (please do not sell physical copies of Firefox with nice box art). We should have those files ready soon.

Official Firefox 3.5 Wordmarks

(note: this page hasn't been updated yet) For all other Firefox logos, visit

Word Mark


Logo + Word Mark (vertical)


Logo + Word Mark (horizontal)



If you have any questions or need additional file types, email John Slater (


The Firefox 3.5 icon was produced by Anthony Piraino at the Iconfactory based on design sketches from Jon Hicks and Stephen Horlander, as well as input and feedback from designers and other contributors in the Mozilla Community. The project was organized by Alex Faaborg and John Slater.