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Mozilla Developer's Calendar

The Mozilla Developer's Calendar holds the most up to date schedule for the development milestones and planned release dates of Mozilla products:

Release Criteria

Alpha release criteria:

  • Alphas must be generally usable for testing websites and features
  • No significant features broken
  • Major/high value sites should function and display in a reasonable fashion

Beta release criteria

  • Betas must be stable and usable enough for daily browsing for a large number of people
  • Features are fully implemented, if not finalized
  • Most sites should display properly and regression free (from previous major release)

Gecko 1.9.1 / Firefox 3.5 Milestones

Future date are estimates

Release Date Description
Alpha 1 28 July 2008
Alpha 2 5 September 2008
Beta 1 14 October 2008 Feature freeze.
Beta 2 9 December 2008 (See Platform meeting notes)
Beta 3 12 March 2009
Beta 4 24 April 2009