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Please complete the Security Review Template for your feature before your scheduled review. For small features immediately after the Firefox or Platform meetings works well. For larger chunks we should schedule them for a longer timeslot, please add that time in the date column (use Mountain View time (Pacific)).

Pending Reviews

The "who" is responsible for filling out the review template and scheduling the review. Please email dveditz, ladamski, bsterne and sstamm (at) when reviews are scheduled and if times change. Please also email any other folks in the "interested" column. Dial in: 650-903-0800 or 650-215-1282 x92 Conf# 215 (US/INTL). Default backchannel is #planning (IRC).

feature review date who interested
Windows TSF integration (1.9.2) unscheduled Jim Chen, roc
DNS Prefetching unscheduled Patrick McManus Jesse, bz, reed(?), ctalbert
New system metrics (and media queries) unscheduled  ? dbaron

Completed Reviews

feature review date who review comments
Mail config from ISP (Tb3) 5-Nov-2009 Ben Bucksch comments
Plugin Update Awareness 2-November-2009 Blair McBride, Mossop comments
about:support 27-October-2009 cbartley comments
WOFF font support 26-October-2009 jfkthame, jdagget comments
Personas uplift 20-October-2009 dtownsend, dao comments
HTML5 PushState API 27-August-2009 Justin Lebar comments
HTML5 File API 25-August-2009 Matin Movassate comments