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Phase 1 bugs

The phase 1 list has been split out into a separate page.

Check-in Sign-up Sheet for Phase 2

Please sign-up for a landing slot. Once you are "it", please land _all_ patches you have (blockers and non-blockers alike). Once done, give time for a cycle to make sure you didn't break anything or regress perf, then coordinate in #developers to find someone available to check in next. (Rationale: at this point this list is so big it's impossible to work as a straight queue.)


  • Neil
    • bug 403162 - "Error: this._handleClick is not a function"
  • dcamp
  • jst
    • bug 389988 - Don't throw from blocked modal dialogs
  • B-Kizzle
    • bug 401169 – Crash when javascript turned off and noscript, table, script, title
    • bug 401735 – "Permission denied to create wrapper" exceptions not logged when raised in event handler
    • bug 399298 - XPCNativeWrapper prototype jazz.
  • Who's Next?

Perf Risky Blockers


  • jimm
    • bug 374593 – Implement bug 178513 on Windows (translucent drag feedback)
  • brendan
    • bug 402386 incorrect automatic semicolon insertion after (x\n)++/--
  • longsonr
    • bug 398105 - Removing xlink:href attribute from <svg:a> does not update elements influenced by :link styles
  • Gijs
    • bug 380595 - Need unittest for nsIIdleService (might turn tbox orange)