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This page provides information on the plans for documenting Firefox 3, including listing topics that need to be covered, specific articles that need to be written, and the names of people that have expressed an interest in covering them. All topics are expected to include examples; note their status as well.

In addition, rough (very rough) estimates of how long various tasks should take are included.

See Firefox 3 for developers and Gecko 1.9 Changes affecting websites for additional details, including links to bugs and specifications.

If you're working on one of these documents, please indicate in the "ETA" column the amount of time (in hours) you expect the work to take to complete.

Note that the estimated work hours is just that: an estimate.

We will soon be creating landing pages for web and extension developers to learn how to update their content for Firefox 3. These will be targeted to ramp up well in advance of the expected beta release of Firefox 3 in July October (?).

Some items to document that may not be on this page are tracked in bugzilla:

Category Topic Lead Writer Status Notes ETA
Content Handling Web-based content handlers sheppy done Notes 6
Web Apps 1.0 <a ping> sheppy done bug 319368, specification 2
Web Apps 1.0 WHATWG online/offline devents jresig done
Offline resources Offline resources done bug 367447, bug 372969, bug 372970, bug 373231, and specification ?
Web Apps 1.0 API for alternative style sheets sheppy done bug 200930, specification 100
Web Apps 1.0 getElementsByClassName() jresig done
Web Apps 1.0 Canvas transform() and setTransform() mfinkle done enough bug 357450, specification 4
Web Apps 1.0 contentEditable support mfinkle done specification 4
CSS display property's inline-block and inline-table values are now implemented sheppy done 0
CSS font-size-adjust works on all platforms sheppy done 0
CSS rgba() and hsla() color value support sheppy done See bug 147017. 8
CSS :default pseudo-class support sheppy done; someone confirm the sample is valid though please Need to read bug bug 302186. 2
CSS -moz-intrinsic, -moz-min-intrinsic, -moz-shrink-wrap, and -moz-fill values have been added to width, min-width, and max-width (bug 311415). sheppy done bug 311415 4
DOM clientTop and clientLeft extensions support done 0
DOM getClientRects and getBoundingClientRect extensions support sheppy done 2
FUEL The FUEL library has reference docs but needs how-to guides mfinkle ?
JavaScript JavaScript 1.8 jresig The stuff that's already implemented is documented. bug 380236 ?
XSLT/XPath Support for EXSLT. sheppy done bug 193678, specification 8
SVG foreignObject mfinkle done bug 326966, specification, see also 4
SVG pattern element sheppy done specification 1
SVG mask element sheppy done specification 1
SVG SVG filters: filter, feBlend, feComponentTransfer, feFuncR, feFuncG, feFuncB, feFuncA, feComposite, feFlood, feGaussianBlur, feMerge, feMergeNode, feMorphology, feOffset, feTurbulence sheppy done specification 24
SVG <a> element became nsSVGAElement instead of XML binding sheppy done This just needed to be mentioned as a bug fix in the Fx3 for developers page.
SVG Various DOM functions for text have been implemented sheppy done We don't actually have on-MDC docs for SVG specifics, but the Fx3 for developers page now lists the newly-implemented methods.
XUL <scale> mfinkle done 1
XUL number boxes mfinkle done 1
XUL <dropmarker> element mfinkle done bug 348614 4
XUL <spinbuttons> element mfinkle done bug 155053 4
XUL <datepicker> element mfinkle done specification 4
XUL <timepicker> element mfinkle done specification 4
XUL Tree improvements sheppy done bug 212789, bug 296040 (done), bug 201499 (done), XUL:Tree 8
XUL Menu improvements various done bug 333023, bug 372552, bug 70798 (done) 8
XUL Textbox improvements sheppy done bug 346787, bug 312867, bug 253481 4
XUL Buttons may be made repeatable mfinkle done bug 331055 2
XUL buttondisabledaccept may now be used on <dialog> elements to have the OK button initially disabled sheppy done bug 247849 2
XUL Title bars now have an allowevents attribute ? none needed; just a bug fix bug 361425 1
XUL Splitters now have a "both" option for collapse ? done bug 337955 1
XUL Rich list boxes now support multiple selection sheppy done Set seltype to multiple to allow it 4
Templates Templates have been improved in several ways mfinkle ? bug 285631, more info
Idle service The new nsIIdleService sheppy Needs to be twiddled into our preferred format for interface docs, but content is done ?
Assorted Assorted bugs have been fixed; see Firefox 3 for developers for details ? done
Places Needs documenting in full various done Places, Schema 160
Login Manager Rewritten; API changes; formerly Password Manager sheppy done this blog post. 8
Cycle Collector New and needs docs. sheppy done? See mdc:Interfacing with the XPCOM cycle collector. bug 333078 ?
Download Manager Several changes to document. sheppy done See bug 380250, bug 289540, blog post. ?

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