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  • P1
    • Must be fixed by final beta (high risk and/or feedback needed)
    • Absolute blocker, first priority
  • P2
    • Must fix before RC1
    • Can be fixed after final beta if needed

* P3

    • Significant bug with known impact
    • Willing to ship without, but would take in beta/RC cycle if cycles are available (not tied to P1/P2 bugs)
  • P4
    • Regression or other issue we want to track/accept fixes for
    • Not a blocker at all, should not get attention unless P1/P2/P3 bugs are fixed
    • Will not take after beta to minimize risk
  • P5
    • No longer considered important
    • Bug should be removed from blocker list at conclusion of triage
    • Considered to have missed this release
  • Keywords that should be aggressively marked where applicable
    • regression
    • late-compat
    • late-l10n
    • perf
    • highrisk