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Once the Firefox Product Requirements Document (PRD) is to a state where changes need to be controlled1, we will have a formal process in place for making additions to, modifications of, or deletions from that document. The proposed process is outlined in the following flowchart:


Decision making details

Making a Change Request
We have created a brand new Bugzilla component that will be used to submit PRD change requests: Other Products > Documentation > PRD Change Request. Anything filed under this component will be reviewed at least weekly.
Triage (at least once/wk)
Quick "defer/review" decision made by a subset of the Firefox 3 Team Leads (Mconnor, Beltzner, Schrep, Vlad, Basil). Deferred requests will be things we obviously will not have the time or desire to do for Firefox 3.
Review (at least once/wk)
Items that make it through triage will then be reviewed on a weekly basis during the Firefox 3 meeting and decisions will be made by the Firefox 3 Team Leads (Mconnor, Beltzner, Schrep, Vlad, Basil). Items can either require refinement/more information, be deferred, or be accepted.
Deferral (handled within 2-3 wks)
A deferred request is not necessarily discarded - it can end up in several different places: Mozilla Labs either as a Project or for discussion in the Idea Center; Future list of possible Firefox features -- this is where we will be storing and tracking ideas for future consideration; Discarded -- if a change request is not currently something we can envision doing for any future version of Firefox or as a Labs project, it will be discarded. The decision about where the request will end up will be made by the Products team (Basil, Deb), except in the case of discards which will be decided upon during the Review phase. Once the deferral process is complete (ie: the request ends up somewhere), the bug will be closed.
Acceptance (max 2-3 days to be put in PRD)
Once accepted, the request is sent to the Products team (probably Deb) who will then incorporate that change into the PRD, at which point the bug will be closed.


1 - What this means, precisely, is still being defined.