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Firefox 3 / Gecko 1.9 Feature List

This page is intended to collect the set of features that either have gone in to Gecko 1.9 since Gecko 1.8 was branched, features that people are working on, or features that people intend to work on for Gecko 1.9. It will eventually be migrated into the Gecko 1.9 Requirements document.

The content from Gecko 1.9 Alpha Planning has been merged into this list.

Please use this template when adding entries to this list:

Feature name P? owner(s)
Status notes: completed, development in progress, spec finished (but no implementation started yet), spec in progress, not started.


Cairo Graphics P1 vlad, stuart
Default on all platforms! Still catching regressions on mac.
Cocoa Widgets on Mac P1 josh
Landed 2006-09-28. Regressions
Linking Content/Chrome Frame Trees P1 roc
Backed out for "interacting with view update batching and that stuff is fragile". (Needs Compositor, which won't make 1.9.)
Hoist plugins to toplevel children P2 roc
In progress. (Needs Compositor, which won't make 1.9.)
Widget Removal P2 roc
Requires plugin hoisting.
View Removal P2 roc
Requires widget removal.
nsTextFrame migration to Thebes P1 blackh/roc
Frame Display Lists P1 roc
Landed. Regressions


Fix units in Gecko P2 Eli Friedman
Reflow branch P2/P1 dbaron
Landed 2006-12-07 - P1 for web compatability with inline-block for web authors and that fixes tons of layout bugs and issues. See Gecko:Reflow_Refactoring
Caret painting rewrite P1 mrbkap
Landed. Regressions
Residual style handling P3 mrbkap


XUL Transform Support P3 vlad?
Unknown; depends on Gran Paradiso front-end requirements


XBL2 P3 sicking


JavaScript 2 P2 brendan
See JavaScript home page.


Language-agnostic DOM P1/P3 Mark Hammond
Landed. Regressions P1; feature is P3/P4. Most regressions fixed at this point, still a few assertions and a possibly-fixed Tp regression to investigate.


SVG as image format P3 unowned
Work is mostly in docshell/imglib/etc. See what SVG status is.


Cross-domain XMLHttpRequest P1 jonas


Firefox on XULRunner (and shipping XULRunner platform) P3 bsmedberg
In Progress; we can ship without it, but the main advantage is to shipping XULRunner to all Firefox users and so providing the Gecko runtime to any app.
Killing nested event queues P1 darin
Landed; need regression bug link.
Graydon's Cycle Collector P1 graydon
Re-landed after being backed out for perf issues. Landed 2006-11-22. Regressions (Will improve memory footprint only once it's hooked up to components and if there are cycles where it can help, but only once the components and the cycles are analyzed. Part of this involves investigating potential wins for memory footprint in components.)
XPCOM restart in-process P3 bsmedberg
Can work around Mac issues with double-restart without this.
Cache item pinning for offline support P2 unowned
Includes robust offline/online detection mechanism.
Offline web browsing P3 unowned
Improving cache behaviour and browser behavour when the user is offline.


ATK support rearchitecture P3 aaronlev,ginn.chen

Mac OS X Accessibility support P3 hwaara
In progress, just started on the foundation.