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Please add items for the Gran Paradiso - Alpha 7 / Milestone 7 release notes.


  • Master password
    • A bug was found in NSS code, which results in master password changes being improperly handled. The preferences UI to change and enable/disable the master password has been disabled to avoid triggering the problem. (bug 390451). Extensions which perform these operations should not be used with M7.
  • Mac-specific
    • Context menus are far less buggy. We have checked in fixes for almost every serious context menu bug.
    • Many fixes to the clipboard and drag services. We now support promised file dragging. Clipboard and drag operations in Places work much better.
    • Support for Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther) has been removed. Gecko 1.9 will no longer build or run on Mac OS X 10.3.
    • Several other stability, security, and general bug fixes.
  • Shutdown Performance
    • Users that keep a browser history longer than the default may experience a significant delay on first-shutdown, as the history table is rebuilt to fix bug 371800. This should not affect users that have not changed their history preference from the default (9 days). More information is available in bug 319455.
  • Privacy / History
    • Remembering visited pages default changed from 9 days to 180 days (bug 332748).

Gecko & Platform

  • Yahoo mail Javascript events producing incorrect dialog (bug 389856) -- This was a fix for a regression from a feature that landed just before the freeze, not relnote material. -- jst
  • (bug 390001) -- This was also a regression fix from a feature that just landed, not relnote material. -- jst
  • URLClassifier
  • document.all now returns a NodeList of elements if there are multiple elements with the same id or name. This better mimics IEs behavior. bug 259332
  • add support for on[before](cut, copy, paste) events (bug 280959)
  • SVG lighting filters (bug 383184) and tile filter (bug 373572)
  • Add backend support for full page zooming (images and layout in addition to text) (bug 4821)
  • Add support for CSS "text-rendering" property for HTML (bug 387969)
  • cross-origin wrappers (bug 367911) Added a class of wrappers that mediates access between web pages that are from different origins. This fixes several security bugs, and paves the way for more security work.
  • Add support for opening modal dialogs from content (window.showModalDialog()). (bug 194404)
  • (bug 319455)
  • history menu is slow (bug 385397)
  • -moz-border-*-start and -moz-border-*-end CSS properties are implemented (bug 74880)
  • XUL menu and popup reworking (bug 279703)
  • Color profile support (disabled by default) (bug 16769)
  • Quite a few sites can crash when you change font-size, eg (bug 386584)
  • Unix/X11 specific
    • Browser-side support for windowless plugins (bug 137189). (Plugin-side support is required.)
  • Canvas text (bug 339553 -- known bug with text-on-path on win32)
  • Cross site XMLHttpRequest bug 389508
  • fixed bugs in CSS font properties dealing with system fonts (bug 377947, fixed in alpha6), generic font families (bug 216456, bug 383979), font-size: larger and smaller (bug 388458), and font-weight: lighter and bolder (bug 383979)
  • implemented -moz-initial for almost all remaining CSS properties (except quotes and -moz-border-*-colors) bug 80887
  • made window.getComputedStyle support all supported CSS properties (bug 316981)
  • Dropped SOAP support (bug 332174)


These notes will eventually appear at the "Changes in this Development Milestone" section of the release notes. See the Gran Paradiso Alpha 6 notes for an example.