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Our goals here are:

  • keeping development focus on *must-fix* bugs
  • reducing risk by avoiding risky fixes for low-priority issues
  • ensuring we're picking bugs which have a high reward vs. risk tradeoff
  • keeping our aim on a high-quality, 1Q2008 release

Schrep, beltzner, mconnor, and I had a series of discussions tonite, and this is what we propose:

  1. Component owners *MUST* prioritize their bugs immediately, using P1 and P2 to represent a minimal set of bugs required for M10.
  2. We will add blockingM10 and blockingM11 flags to all components; components which have prioritized their blocker lists will have blockingM10 automatically added to their P1 and P2 bugs.
  3. Endgame drivers can refuse blockingM10 or blockingM11 at their discretion, and will be the sole owners of the approval1.9 flag. Anyone can nominate a bug if they would like it considered as an opportunity win to be included in a given release.
  4. Only bugs marked blockingM10 or approval1.9 will be allowed to land for M10
  5. Only bugs marked blockingM11 or approval1.9 will be allowed to land for M11
  6. All component leads will be expected to participate in endgame driver triage calls.
  7. Releases will only occur once the respective set of blockers have reached zero.

Criteria for blocking:

M10/Beta 2: Only the top priority bugs, e.g., Must be a security issue, must be an issue that prevents users from browsing the web on a daily basis, a top crasher, a memory leak, a performance issue, is a regression from 2.0, or is functionality in support of a P1 PRD item.

M11/Beta 3: Let people nom P3,P4,P5 blocking bugs, and then we work our way through those via release driver triage. Again, we'll re-prioritize immediately after each release as a sanity check that what we have listed is sane.

(remember: the approval1.9 flag allows people to nominate non-blocking bugs of opportunity, so this won't represent the only work we'll accept for these releases, just the essential set that we want to focus on)