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Firefox 3/Gecko 1.9 Meeting Details

  • Tuesdays - Firefox 3 - 11:00am Pacific, 2:00pm Eastern, 18:00 UTC
  • Mozilla Building S - Central Area
  • 650-903-0800 or 650-215-1282 x91 Conf# 217 (US/INTL)
  • 1-800-707-2533 (pin 369) Conf# 217 (US)
  • #granparadiso for backchannel

Firefox 3: issues for final ship


Platform: issues for final ship

  • 54 Blockers remaining for RC
    • Content: 11 (6 w/ patches)
    • GFX: 12 (9 w/ Patches)
    • JS: 7 (6 w/ Patches)
    • Layout: 6 (4 w/ Patches)
    • Platform: 9 (6 w/ Patches)
    • General: 5 (2 w/ Patches)
  • Still 4 unowned blockers.
  • Approximately 26 have patches of some sort.
  • Blockers closed in last seven days by platform team: 34
  • Blockers created in last seven days: 26
  • Microformats
    • Clint Talbert has done an AWESOME job with additional testcases.
    • Two small issues to approve
      • bug 427456 - improve code for recursing nested frames
      • bug 429151 - remove internal version checking


QA Status/Topics

  • General
    • 32 new Litmus testcases added in the last two weeks. These include DM, Larry UI, Places, L10n suite, themes, content handling, others.
    • Planning of RC1 Testplan
    • Ctalbert's handy protocal handler testcases
  • Notable bugs within the week
    • Topcrash bug
      • [REGRESSION?] bug 428038 – Crash destroying cert in [@ CERT_DestroyCertificate - cert_pkixDestroyValOutParam]. Status: New. Was this a regression from Cert work?
    • bug 428548 – Tweaks to safebrowsing backoff behavior. Status: New. tweaks to safebrowsing may need to be monitored. It has been nominated to block fx3, but not triaged yet.
    • bug 427938 - Phishing protection does not work in Firefox 3 for users in some regions / google gethash service unavailable in some regions. Status: A week's worth of investigation with Google, dcamp/tomcat able to fix and verify. This was untestable from the US. Working with google on testing, tracked in bug 428545.
    • bug 421993 – Yahoo Application State Plugin Blocklisting. Working with morgamic to test plugin blocklisting. Should be enabled tonite on production.
    • bug 428677 – Theme preview is compressed in Add ons after recent theme update. Status: New.
    • bug 428564 – Dropdown boxes are too tall because of special characters, e.g. Hindi. Status: New.
    • bug 427873 – Inconsistent terminology in RSS Preview vs Preferences. Status: New.
    • [REGRESSION] Several bugs filed as result of the landing of the Error Console message fix. Using Friday's build, my error console was flooded with messages so I went through some testing scenarios and got a bunch of bugs on file:
      • bug 428602 – Cannot modify properties of a Wrapped Native (NS_ERROR_XPC_CANT_MODIFY_PROP_ON_WN). Status: New
      • Bug 428557 – Error in console: NS_ERROR_XPC_JSOBJECT_HAS_NO_FUNCTION_NAMED. Status: Assigned
      • bug 428600 – NS_ERROR_NOT_AVAILABLE in [nsIHandlerService::fillHandlerInfo]. Status: New
  • Status on topcrashes [ss]
    • Need an update here. Last update on Topcrash wiki was April 9th.
  • Accessibility Testing Update [marcoz]
    • Landed bug 427259, which restores functionality of traditional screen readers to read dialogs.
    • bug 424656 landed, which restores reading of the Bookmarks folder contents in the "Library" dialog under Linux.
    • Reached a decision regarding the problems with table reading in Linux (bug 423224. We're going to implement an attribute for the interim, and work with AT interface organizations like the AT-SPI and IAccessible2 folks for a better long-term solution that is more ready for dynamic HTML tables than the current interfaces are.
  • Leak Testing Update [tomcat]
    • Field 10 new leak Bugs
    • Testing for Memory Leaks on Community Reports about possible Memory Leaks
    • Filed bug 427854 to integrate the Leak Gauge Upload Form into AMO
  • This week's testday is on Trunk testing. Please join #testday to assist with questions and comments on friday, between 7am-5pm PDT.

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