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Firefox 3/Gecko 1.9 Meeting Details

  • Tuesdays - Firefox 3 - 11:00am Pacific, 2:00pm Eastern, 18:00 UTC
  • Mozilla Building S - Central Area
  • 650-903-0800 or 650-215-1282 x91 Conf# 217 (US/INTL)
  • 1-800-707-2533 (pin 369) Conf# 217 (US)
  • #granparadiso for backchannel

Firefox 3: issues for final ship


  • Zaroo Boogs!
  • if you find new showstoppers, nominate for blocking
  • using [RC2?] in the whiteboard to indicate "should consider if we do another RC"
  • using approval1.9? if there are patches ready to go - if we do another RC we'll consider them, if not, we'll consider them for 3.0.1

Platform: issues for final ship

  • See Fx items above for status of RC. Pretty much the same. Four blocker noms over the past two days.
  • Work week update.


QA Status/Topics

  • General QA
    • Began testing RC1. Track along: Schedule|Testplan
      • ETA 10 work days, issues pending
    • First ever QA Team Bug Bash was held on Tues, May 6th.
      • QA team verified 78 Firefox and core bug fixes, added 5 litmus tests, and updated 3 litmus tests
    • 290 FFX3/Core bug fixes verified in the last two weeks!
    • 25 new litmus test cases added
      • Added a Litmus test suite for keyboard regressions on Mac [marcia]
    • Daily Tiger Team testing
    • Test pass against windows XP sp3 on nightlies [tomcat]
    • RC1 being pushed out early to betatesters community for extra test coverage this week.
    • This week's testday is on RC1 part 1. Please join #testday on friday between 7am - 5pm PDT to assist with questions.
  • Feature testing
    • Security: Investigated automated eggplant security test false failures. [tracy]
    • Places: bug triage, verified 10 P1/p2 blocking bugs, wrote new litmus test cases, cleaned up distribution of Litmus test cases between BFTs and FFTs. Updated Places Test Tracking wiki page with current automated tests and status.[tracy, ctalbert]
    • Protocol Handling: Addressed comments 14 and 15 in bug 426260 regarding mailto: handling. Added a UTF-8 handling test.
  • L10n testing
    • tested translated product pages. Still work to be done on development. [stephend, tchung]
  • Leaks and Assertion testing [tomcat]
    • Leaks: Filed last week 11 new Leak Bugs . -> Total Leak Bugs so far: 275
    • Assertions: Filed so far 67 (+4) Assertion Bugs
      • Teamwork with Devs is very effective :) see bug 433374 , fix within a day :)
    • Extension JS Errors: Filed so far 43 (+5) Bugs for JS Errors/Exceptions caused by Extensions. This Errors/Bugs are more a side effect of the Leak Testing and Comments show that this Bug Reporting is still useful to fix JS Error Messages in Extensions :)
  • Accessibility Testing [marcoZ]
    • Worked with Alexander Surkov to fix a bug causing hangs when accessing lists. See bug 431802
  • Topcrash Updates
    • Developers fixed 3 topcrashes (including the #1 topcrash) in the last two weeks!
    • We're now tracking just a few more in the nightlies, one of which seems to be a recent regression (bug 433525) that needs investigation. The bulk of our work will happen after RC1 goes out to the beta channel and we can get a larger chunk of data. Follow the page for more information on current topcrashes.

Round table

  • will be publishing RC1 to Beta 5 users sometime this week or early next week
  • deferred maintenance work in progress; kernel updates, buildbot updates.