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Build Todos

   - tag the tree for rc1
   - spin builds and push them to the appropriate location
   - notify QA when the builds are available

QA Schedule

Firefox/Thunderbird wiki page:

Test Plan (where we should put our test results):

Candidate builds (rc1) available: Monday 5/8

   - wait for email from build team, the builds *should* be made available in

BFTs: Monday 5/8 - Tuesday 5/9

   - Thunderbird: Marcia (win), Juan (mac universal)
   - Firefox: Tracy (win), Jay (linux)

Verifications (ongoing): Monday 5/8 - Monday 5/15 (everyone!)

   - focus on security and critical bugs first (currently about 55 left to verify)
   - please add [need testcase] in the status whiteboard for any bugs that do not have steps to reproduce or a simplified testcase.  this will allow others that come across the same bug to not waste time and just move on to another bug.
   - spot check other bugs that look interesting or might need more testing

Release Candidate (community testing period): Tuesday 5/9 - Monday 5/15

   - once the candidates pass our BFTs, we should post to the newsgroups, mozillazine, and the qa blog to get more people looking at the builds (marcia/timr)
   - we should include focus areas that need to be tested, like UB testing for Firefox and especially Thunderbird.
   - testday should be planned for Thursday 5/11 (marcia)

If everything goes well, we should plan on starting our update testing and final l10n spot checks the following week.

Update Testing: Monday 5/15 - Wednesday 5/17

   - we need to thoroughly test the new UB upgrade path for MacOS X PPC users that will be upgraded to UB

l10n Testing: Friday 5/12 - Friday 5/19

   - we should start binary spot checks as soon as the builds become available
   - wrap up with l10n update testing towards the end of this period