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Sites failing for FFx that should work in

  • (chofmann reports that someone emailed webmaster about not being able to watch streaming live broadcasts of Major League Baseball games in Wyoming). - PASS
    • then click the 350K link under Top Plays.
      • All FREE video content on works for me with,, and with WMP 9 on WinXP (and Intel Mac OS X 10.4.7 with WM Components ( Not sure about Premium video which requires an account. [jay 7/31]
      • All PAID video content on works for me with all versions on WinXP with WMP 9. However, I was having problems with some of the audio feeds on Mac OS X, so will look into that later. It might just be my setup or something with loging in and out of the account, so need to retest on Mac.
      • Media Player loads but the video never runs. That's the same as never even loads up the media player. behaves the same as 07-28)
      • Works for me with WMP 10 on WinXP and but not in (bc 07/29).
      • I tested the archived videos and free stuff they had available on Windows yesterday while testing and everything seemed to work OK for me. In order to test the live games streaming, we need to pay for an account. [marcia]
      • mlb, top plays,(also tried attachment link), winxp, wmp 10, worked in, does not work in, worked in
      • I was finally able to test on some non-blacked out live streams. I tested three live games on MacOS 10.4. PASSed on FFx1504 and 1506. Failed on 1505. [timr 7/29/06]
      • Live Testing of games on Windows XP machine in the QA lab [marcia]:
        • - PASS
        • - PASS
        • - PASS
        • Bon Echo - You get an error message saying the browser isn't supported and then the media player shows, but no option to play the video.
  • from Bug 346167 - PASS
    • PASS with and, FAIL with on WinXP (and Intel Mac OS X 10.4.7) [jay 7/31]
    • this is the same as the mlb stream. (tracy 07-28)
    • Works for me with WMP 10 on WinXP and but not (bc 07/29)
    • Using mplayerplug-in on Linux this is broken in, but works in both and - ispiked
  • from Bug 344859 - PASS (Some odd results, but 1506 is same as 1504 and better than 1505.)
    • PASS with and, FAIL with on WinXP (and Intel Mac OS X 10.4.7) [jay 7/31]
    • no media player or content in loads media player and streams content. :-) (tracy 07-28)
    • Works for me with WMP 10 on WinXP and but not (bc 07/29)
    • On PPC Mac this fails in and - in both instances I get an error message that comes up. I have WMP Version 9. It also fails on Safari (the media player shows but you cannot play anything. [marcia]
    • On PPC Mac running Mozilla 1.7.13, this plays fine. Not sure why [marcia]
    • Works in and but is busted in - ispiked

Sites we just want to check with FFx to check for regressions

  • - PASS
    • this link works for me in and Bon echo from 2006072803. It's not a good testcase. (tracy 07-28)
    • I tried this on FFx and it worked fine. This is on MacOS 10.4 [timr 7/29]. The point for this was for regression/side effect testing, not bug verification. So it is not meant to fail on
    • Bob tried this with Flash 9 installed. It did not work on any release:,,, 2.0, 3.0
    • I tried this with Flash 8/FFx 1506/macOS 10.4. It worked fine. I upgraded the plugin to Flash9 and now it is busted!
  • (Canadian residents only!) - PASS
    • Robcee verified under WindowsXP with WMP10 that did not work. Tested same setup on Works fine.
    • Deb grabbed and tested it on Windows XP and the WMP video there (the CTV TV On Demand stuff) works fine.
    • Deb also grabbed and tested it on my PPC Mac and it works fine except for some weird flickering in the video when I click on the plugin view area then click away. It flickers a little bit each time I click on then out of the view area. Not a big deal, really.
  • In light of this report, we might want to test a lot of sites that stream live video: - PASS
    • I tested several random sites here with and they worked. We'll need specific ones that are broken in Unless we're using these to make sure nothing is regressed further in (tracy 07-28)
    • I used this list as a starting point - if there are specific failures that you see in we should go back to to see if they worked. [marcia 7-28]
    • I tested about 5 of these on FFx 1506 running on MacOS 10.4. All worked fine. [timr 7/29]. The point of running these was to look for regressions/side effects in FFx These weren't meant to be tested on unless problems were found.
  • test chat clients (chatzilla, mirc, yahoo) make sure linking from them works.
    • chatzilla opens http:// links WinXP (bc 07/29)