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Firefox Windows Vista Test Documentation

Maintained by: Marcia Knous First Draft, 12/22/06

1. Will Test

Will test

Testing will cover the areas below. Exceptions are noted under the Will not test section.

The primary goal of this QA test plan is the testing of the OS integration piece of Firefox as it relates to Windows Vista.

   * Installing and Uninstalling Firefox on Vista
         o XPInstall Vista Permission problems
         o Installing in the Default Directory
         o Installing in a non-default directory
         o Uninstalling Firefox
         o Confirming that the "Tell Us about Firefox" survey is invoked after uninstalling
         o Installing Firefox as a Admin User
         o Installing Firefox as a Standard User
         o Confirming build has been signed
   * Setting Firefox as the Default Application
         o Resetting IE as the default, then setting Firefox as the default
         o Setting FF as the default from the install
         o Setting FF as the default from Desktop Icon or Start | Programs
         o Setting FF as the default after a software update
         o Setting FF as the default before a software update
   * Confirming that we shut down cleanly and no active .exe processes are running
         o Running as an Admin User
         o Running as a Standard User
   * Running on Vista as an Admin User
         o With Parental Controls Invoked
   * Running on Vista as a Standard User
         o With Parental Controls Invoked
   * Software Update
         o Updating as a Admin user
         o Updating as a Standard User
         o Confiming Major/Minor Update functionality
         o Automatic Update with limited account privileges
         o Confirming that updater.exe has been signed
   * RSS Feed Reader Client Side Applications
   * Dowloading files to the desktop
         o Honoring whatever is set as the default download location on Vista
   * Fonts
   * Plugins
         o Flash
         o Shockwave
         o Quicktime
         o Windows Media Player
         o PDFs
         o Java
         o RealPlayer
   * Add-ons
         o Installing
         o Uninstalling
         o Enabling and Disabling
         o Finding Updates
         o Add-ons Compatibility checks

2. Will Not Test

Will NOT test

As I understand if from talking with Rob Strong, Windows Vista and XP should exhibit the same types of bugs in the browser space. The area of focus for Vista need to be on the pieces that are touch or work in concert with the OS. Therefore it will not be necessary to do exhaustive testing of browser functionality. We will keep the same strategy we do for all of our .dot releases and do a thorough basic functional test of the release.

At the time of this writing, Windows Vista ships several different version of Vista, including:

  • Vista Ultimate
  • Vista Home Basic
  • Vista Home Premium
  • Vista Business

It is not likely that QA will be able to cover all of these editions. Given the profile of any average Firefox user, we should probably discuss which edition we will focus on. Currently the machines in the QA lab have versions of Home Basic and Ultimate installed.

Issues, references & bug information

Test coverage

Our Test coverage will be a multi-leveled approach:

  • 1. Functional testing and
  • 2. Some stress/boundary/negative tests (depth of functionality):
    • BFT in Litmus run on the Windows Vista platform
  • 3. Ad hoc and regression testing

Functional Testing

Currently we have a set of functional tests in Litmus to cover Win XP. Based on the "Will Test" areas, we will add a set of Win Vista specific tests to Litmus in preparation for shipping This might be added as a specific testing suite, that can be determined later.

Stress testing/Negative Testing(depth of functionality):

Due to the fact the Vista is considerably different than XP, we should do a fair amount of negative testing to expose as many Vista-specific issues as possible.

Ad hoc & regression testing

The Mozilla community users will cover some of the Ad hoc testing. Regression testing will cover:

  • QA Verification of Resolved bugs
  • Daily smoketesting of builds