Firefox:1.5 Multiplatform installer using xulrunner

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When we ship the Firefox product currently, we have a different installer per platform, it must be localized normally (?) and usually has a different interface. Having one installer for all platforms will make:

  • Possibility of not only an installer for a few platforms, because porting the needed runtime (xulrunner?) will be the only requirement for use the installer.
  • It's essential for the 1.5_Multi-locale_Installers, because having a different installer will make slower the new releases because needing to localize it for the installers of each plaform.

It must use 7zip, because it will reduce drastically the size of the installer. A problem can be that the compressor is not fully portable, maybe it's needed that can this issue must be solved first.

--Ridruejo :

Hi, my company (BitRock) has a multiplatform installer with free licenses for open source projects (the Mono project uses it, for example). We cover all the platforms you need to work in and support Gnome, KDE desktop integration, as well as native packages. 7zip support is coming soon. Ping us if you are interested.