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This is a place to put ideas for agenda items and to capture the Release Team discussions about

Release Team Members

The Release Team is run by:

  • Release Lead: Juan Becerra (juanb), Jay Patel (jay) helping
  • Platform Dev Lead:
  • Platform Dev Shadow:
  • Firefox Dev Lead:
  • QA Lead:
  • Build Lead: TBD? (preed/rhelmer)
  • Security Lead: Dan Veditz (dveditz)
  • l10n Lead: Axel?

All are welcome to attend!

Meeting Info

  • Mon/Wed/Fri 10am or @ 2:00 pm
  • See IRC Channel #200x
  • Dial-in:
    • Toll-free Number: 1-866-879-4799 (password: 369)
    • International Number: 650-903-0800, extension 91, then: 262 (juanb's)

Meeting Notes