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General Firefox Test Plan

This is the basic set of tests we run for every security & maintenance release.

Description of Release

This is a security firedrill to address the issue described in bug 395942 ("quicktime pwns firefox")

We'll take Fx and add this one fix only.

Specific Test Plan for this Release

We will use the test cases in bug 395942 to verify the fix is working properly, and we will have to test around the fix (?).


Current Tasks


  • Code Freeze: 10/3 (End of Day)
  • First Candidates Available: 10/4 (Fri)
  • Final release scheduled: 10/16 (Tue)

Test Results

Status RC2
Smoketests BFTs
Firefox Team PASS Team PASS

Bug Verifications

Target Bugs to Verify

Only this fix should have gone in: bug 395942

Dependent Bugs to Verify