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es-AR Visual Verification Results

Tester: juanb Platform: Intelmac Date: August 29

Overall Status: PASS

Key findings: Search suggestions are in English, for the three search plugins that work, or they are meant for an en-US audience. For example, in the Google plugin start typing "Clarin" (popular newspaper in Argentina) and you don't see a search suggestion near the top of the list.

General Info

This is info that normally comes out of the Litmus L10n test suite

  • Search Engines functionality
    • Icons: PASS
    • Basic functionality
      • type in a search term in each and check that a page from the appropriate engine comes back and the page look right. The search result should make sense and the page should be rendered properly
      • Status: PASS
  • Bookmark menu - See trademark section
  • Help:
    • translated: Yes, 95%, it seems like all the content is translated, but the navigation outline has some items still in English
    • General status: PASS
  • Layout
    • Check prefs dialog, etc.
    • General Status: PASS

Trademark Checklist

Search Engines

  • Check the Search Engines Requirements Doc for locale specific requirements
    • Locale specific requirements found for this locale? NO
    • Defaulte requirements are:
      • Google default and first for all locales except CJK (zh-CN, zh-TW, Ja, Ko)
      • Yahoo default and first for CJK
      • Other engines should be same as en-US (,, creative commons, ebay): Yes
    • Meets Search engine requirements: PASS
    • Default: Google
    • Set: Google, Yahoo,, Creative Commons, eBay


  • These should follow the guidelines of Yahoo, Google and have suggest turned on. Others are off. Check the Search Engines Requirements Doc for locale specific requirements
  • Do a quick functional test that the suggest feature returns reasonable suggestions that a typical user might expect.
  • Status: Google: yes; Yahoo: yes; yes; PASS (but search suggestions may reflect English searches)

Bookmark menu (5th menu)

  • Requirement: keep same URLs as en-US ; can change title in menu to localized version. No additional URLs allowed. Unless specified in one of the requirements docs referenced elsewhere in the checklist. (no bookmark exceptions specified at the time of this writing)
  • Note: redirection was just turned on. Need to double check this against en-US. Some URLs might have changed.
  • Check these:

RSS feed readers

  • Check the RSS Requirements Doc
    • Are the locale specific specifications for this locale?: NO
    • Default requirement is Bloglines, Google, Yahoo: OK
    • This info can also be found under "about:config"
  • Check in Preferences.../RSS Feeds dialog: OK
    • Order: Bloglines, Yahoo, Google
    • Overall Status: PASS

RSS feeds

  • Check the RSS Requirements Doc for locale specific requirtements
  • Default requirement is that BBC is in tool bar and no other feed should be there.
  • Status: PASS

Phishing Protection

  • Report Phishing Site menu item is translated, but google page itself is not.
  • Security preferences is translated, and Terms of Service is in Spanish, and links within that go to Google are also translated
  • Overall Status: PASS