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General Info

Trademark Checklist

Search Engines

  • Check the

[ Search Engines Requirements Doc] for locale specific requirements

    • Locale specific requirements found for this locale? No
    • Meets Search engine requirements: FAIL - Yahoo search uses, it should use Also, search suggest shouldn't work on this locale for Yahoo. Ebay search uses, it should use, the only problem is that url isn't available, so for the moment at least, seems fine.
    • Default: Google
    • Set:
      • Requirement: Google, Yahoo,,, creative commons, ebay
      • Actual: Google, Yahoo,,, creative commons, ebay
    • PASS



RSS feed readers

  • Check the RSS Requirements Doc
    • Are there locale specific specifications for this locale? NO
    • Default requirement is Bloglines, Yahoo , Google. The order is

critical according to Phil.

  • Check in Preferences.../RSS Feeds dialog
    • List:
      • Requirement: Bloglines, Yahoo , Google
      • Actual: Bloglines, Yahoo , Google
    • overall status: PASS

RSS feeds

locale specific requirtements

  • Default requirement is that BBC is in tool bar and no other feed

should be there.

  • Status: PASS