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TR Visual Verification Results

  • Tester: Tomcat
  • Platform: Windows 2000 SP4
  • Date: /08/30/2006

Overall Status: PASS

General Info

This is info that normally comes out of the Litmus L10n test suite

  • Search Engines functionality
    • Icons: PASS
    • Basic functionality
      • type in a search term in each and check that a page from the appropriate engine comes back and the page look right. The search result should make sense and the page should be rendered properly
      • Status: PASS
  • Bookmark menu - See trademark section
  • Help:
    • translated: YES
    • General status YES
  • Layout
    • Check prefs dialog, etc.
    • General Status: PASS

Trademark Checklist

Search Engines

  • Check the Search Engines Requirements Doc for locale specific requirements
    • Locale specific requirements found for this locale?
    • Defaulte requirements are:
      • Google default and first for all locales except CJK (zh-CN, zh-TW, Ja, Ko)
      • Yahoo default and first for CJK
      • Other engines should be same as en-US (,, creative commons, ebay)
    • Meets Search engine requirements: <<PASS/FAIL>>
    • Default: Google
    • Set: <<record the set. ex: Yahoo, Google,,, creative commons, ebay>>
    • IS: Google, Yahoo,,, creative commons, ebay


  • These should follow the guidelines of Yahoo, Google and have suggest turned on. Others are off. Check the Search Engines Requirements Doc for locale specific requirements
  • Do a quick functional test that the suggest feature returns reasonable suggestions that a typical user might expect.
  • Status: <<ex: Google: yes; Yahoo: yes; yes; Overall: PASS>>

Bookmark menu (5th menu)

RSS feed readers

  • Check the RSS Requirements Doc
    • Are the locale specific specifications for this locale? <<Yes/No>>
    • Default requirement is Bloglines, Yahoo, GOogle. The order is critical according to Phil
  • Check in Preferences.../RSS Feeds dialog
    • Status: <<record the feeds and order ex: Bloglines, Yahoo, Google; overall status: PASS

RSS feeds

  • Check the RSS Requirements Doc for locale specific requirtements
  • Default requirement is that BBC is in tool bar and no other feed should be there.
  • Status: <PASS