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FF2 planning Meeting - 2/7/06

Feature Review

[See Feature list]

== Ben Goodger - New bookmark and history system

  • Alpha timing with bugs/feature fixes
  • He'd like to dog food his own work
  • editing bookmarks almost there
  • Could use QA; on bookmarks and history
    • Need plan/action on this!
  • being checked into both trunk and 1.8.1 branch

Tab browsing - Mike Conner

Extension Manager - Robert Strong

Windows Installer - Robert Strong

  • Firefox 2.0 Windows Installer [See Bug 326580]
  • Branding and Locale installer customization

Search - Ben Goodger

  • Not using OpenSearch standard
    • controled by A9 and Microsoft
    • Not an open standard
    • Want to stay independent until other truely open standards are in place.

Visual refresh - Mike Beltzner (?)

  • cbeard will lead discussion about this

Platform patches from trunk

  • Brendan not at meeting to provider info.
  • Memory leak, compatibility enhancements, etc., would be part of this

Inline spellcheck - Brett

  • How to dist dictionary? Size issue! - 260KB
  • Installer issue to install dictionary
  • Licensiing issue with locale specific dictionaries
  • Talk about "extention locale". Need to find out more about this.