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Beta 1 Tasks

Run existing BFTs

  • See BFT Schedule and Results for details
    • Win - Marcia - PASS
    • PPC Mac - Tracy - PASS
    • Intel Mac - Juan - PASS
    • linux - Adam - PASS

Run new BFTs for new features

Tester Test Area Status/ETA for B1 Notes
BC complete testing of Session Restore PASS
Adam Complete BFT for Tabbed browsing PASS Just ran through and PASSED all 31 FFTs for Tabbed Browsing in FF2 as well as the ones I just added to cover tab scrolling.
Marcia RSS Feed Handling PASS
Juan Anti-Phishing PASS
Tracy Visual Refresh NA - nothing new in B1 bug 343772-blocking for B2
Zach Search Engine UI PASS Passed all search FFT test cases with RC2. One or two tests need updating for beta2 to reflect changes in functionality, but these areas work fine in exploratory testing.
Juan In-line Spell Check NA Not ready yet. brettw@google will let us know.
Adam Microsummaries PASS Filed bug 344270 and bug 344277 (in addition to the bugs I filed when I first made the testcases).

Spotcheck new bugs for B1 RC2. PASS!

  • Tracy - Verif bug 337386 - search suggestion autocomplete latency/delay can make search slow to respond or seem broken (note from Tracy: done)
  • Alice - bug 340740 - Need provider EULA to display on enhanced mode (done)
  • Alice - bug 344063 - report phishing page should include the mozilla brand (done)
  • Adam - bug 343801 - History menu jumps around (disappears) since addition of new Recently Closed Tabs menu item (note from Adam: done)
  • Martijn - Verify proper Backout of bug 317334 - hang when long wrappable string is passed to prompt() (note from Martijn: done)


  • Spot check P1 locales

Locale Tester Status for B1 Notes
de Jay Win: PASS
Help content is missing bug 344312
en-GB Adam Mac-PASS Help content missing bug 344312
es-ES Juan WinXP-PASS, Mac-PASS All Help Content Missing bug 344312
fr Adam PASS
ja, ja-JP-mac tracy win ja: PASS
Mac ja-JP : PASS
windows ja installer fonts bold and larger
than normal. But tested on english OS
pl timr Win-PASS
  • Do a basic install/startup/fonts/preference layout/search engine/booksmarks test
  • Nightlys are a little old due to pull-by date. Preed will have new builds Tues afternoon (7/11)