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The plan

Branch landing will be done by copying files in browser and toolkit down from the branch and smart-merging changes elsewhere...
Introduce reland-irsn in Status Whiteboard to mark bugs/patches that need relanding, because changes were overwritten by merge of browser/ and toolkit/?

Points to watch carefully and not just clobber

  • toolkit/components/startup
  • toolkit/components/
  • tree wide changes from 237745 affect browser (browser/app/splash.rc, toolkit/content/globalOverlay.js, etc)
  • nsXULAppAPI has changed, so has xre_main. Probably nsBrowserApp.cpp should use the trunk version, not the branch version

Already up to date, no merge necessary

  • mozilla/chrome (bsmedberg)
  • toolkit/locales has been landed (bsmedberg)
  • mozilla/browser/components/help/locale/en-US, mozilla/toolkit/components/help/locale/en-US, mozilla/toolkit/components/help/helpOnHelp/locale/en-US (Jeff and Steffen)

Trunk changes to be reapplied quickly to browser and toolkit since they might cause breakage

Trunk landing needed outside browser and toolkit

Branch stability fixes to be reverted on trunk

  • Turn on Stylesheet switcher icon (kinda bug 257859)
  • Readd bookmark update notification/scheduling (bug 253478)
  • Restart-less theme switching (seems to have been left as-is, with dynamic switching enabled now)
  • Single Window Mode (enabled by Ben during aviary landing)
  • others?