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These are some things users would like to see in the download manager. Relevant bugs should be attached with a request.

  • unified API for invoking download operations (e.g. unify code paths between link clicks and Save Target As... and other potential uses - single API to take a url and transfer)
  • download queue - user set the maximum number of simultaneous downloads (per site and total) and the download manager queue the downloads. save queued downloads across sessions.
    • Possibly gauge size of download queue based on the user's connection speed. (e.g. 2 for dialup, 10 for broadband)
  • download speed limitation
  • Download Accelerator
    • Impliment download accelerator feature, could be a rip off from DownItAll plugin or may be DM and DiTA can be clubbed together
    • Haggen: Maybe take features of download accelerator program, how fragmented the files to what these files download very much fast, too should take features of others downloader programs as show the bytes downloader in the general map (similar to scandisk of windows 98)