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The objective of this page is to document the end to end l10n process from first language request through to launch. It should clarify the approach we would like to take to better support each stakeholder group in the process by being transparent, inclusive and collaboratively building an understanding of where we can improve with each new release.

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4 columns Column 1: Process Step Column 2: Description Column 3: links to relevant documentation Column 4: potential areas for improvement e.g., localizer support, better documentation of decision rational or requirements, etc.

L10n End-to-End Process
Stage; Description Links Area for improvement
Registration request Community member contact Mozilla to request a new language locale Create link to decision process document, Axel's blog comments, [Contextual links] Document our decision framework e.g., Our decision framework is to first determine if it is in fact a language (through sources like Wikipedia) then the type of language it is e.g., major (Hindi, English, etc) and then what kind of support we can provide the localizer team. At this stage most additional languages would fall into a Tier 3 (or P3) prioritization for releases. To see more on this, read on :-)
2 2 4 6
3 3 6 9

Our goal is improve user experience by adapting FireFox to local markets through features that can be customized to reflect local cultures. Specifically, the current releases allows localizers to change the search plug-ins, bookmarks and RSS choices in ways to ensure that beyond language, FireFox reflects the culture and user base preferences of that locale.

In order to create those changes a bug should be created with a copy to [insert email address here e.g., or or]. The bug should describe the rationale for the choice e.g., more popular choice among users in that locale. The bug should also include any contact details we have for the partner and permissions they have provided us to include their service in Firefox. The partnership (or business development) group at Mozilla needs to ensure that we have their permission and are not liable against any unknown terms of service. This covers any legal obligations. Mozilla would also like to have their contact details to get information at a later date about how they are finding user behaviour or metrics changing after their inclusion in the next release of Firefox.

We are always open to feedback to make this approach and the use of Firefox better. Any comments can be sent to