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It happens a lot of times that if you print a bad programmed webpage, that the layout is messed up. This problem can either be resolved by the web master of the page in question, or firefox could try to fix it. Maybe a good option in the new firefox would be that firefox takes some kind of printscreen of the webpage and then would print that printscreen, in stead of reading the source code. THEN, you would be able to print what you see (like a lot of people want).

We might call it WYSIWYP (What You See Is What You Print). Very useful to keep the original proportions of the page, even if printing the actual screenshot (that would be rendered off-screen and divided in multiple pages if necessary) would loose some detail, expecially in the fonts (that could be printed at a much higher resolution).

Example site which layout is messed up if you print it: (dutch site)