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Introduction to the Firefox Costume

At this time, we are no longer sending the Firefox costume to events.

How to Behave (While Wearing the Costume)

If you are helping out at an internal event, here's everything you'll need to know once you're all dressed.

• Express yourself without words. People will not be able to hear you through the costume, so get your point across anyway you can dream up.

• Wave hello or goodbye and use your entire body to do it.

• Tip your hat, if you have one. You can just touch the hat brim, it is effective enough.

• Call people over. Bend your knees and a little at the waist, point at them and then bend your arm back to you.

• Play peek‐a‐boo. Use your hands to cover the character’s eyes and then extend your arms and spread your fingers quickly for the surprise.

• Play it coy, similar to peek‐a‐boo without the surprise reveal. Maybe turn to the side with the eyes covered, or one eye covered and ham it up.

• Play hide and seek by getting behind a person from the audience or behind objects that are way too small to cover you.

• Wag that tail.

• Do the twist, best with the knees bent and rump out.

• Strut your stuff. Anyway you do it be sure to pick up your feet. The big feet are something to get used to. Dragging them at all can do some serious damage. The size of the costume may cause you to wobble a bit, sway from side to side, feel free to play that up and exaggerate it. You can add a skip to your waddle or even a hop.

• Be polite and act responsibly.

• Have fun!

How NOT to Behave (While Wearing the Costume)

• Do not remove the character’s head or any of his parts in public view. This can be very disturbing for children.

• There should be no smoking, drugs or alcohol before or while in costume.

• Do not fall out of character. If you are dressed in the costume, continue being the character until you are out of public view.

• Do not act in a way that would be considered offensive, vulgar, or would damage the good reputation of Firefox and, by association, Mozilla

• Do not wear the costume in especially dirty areas where the feet will be stained or damaged - do your best to keep the suit clean

Pieces of the Firefox Costume

  • Head
  • Foam body pod
  • Fur cover
  • Separating tail
  • Gloves
  • Kool Vest
  • Feet

Fan Unit

There is a fan inside the head for the actor’s comfort. The switch is located to the left of the fan in the front. The fan is powered with 8 size “AA” batteries located behind to the back of the head.

Kool Vest

How does it work?

  • Freeze inserts in fridge or ice water
  • Put inserts in vest
  • Ready to wear
  • Re-activate as needed

Firefox Dressing Instructions

First, send the actor to the restroom.

• Be sure the actor inside this costume has sufficient rest time between sessions.

• Be sure the actor has plenty of liquids during rest times.

Before dressing set up the costume pieces in this order…

1. If the actor wears a shoe size men’s 11.5 or smaller, place the actor’s personal shoes inside the Fire Fox feet, actors with a larger foot will wear the feet with socks only. Left and Right feet are marked.

2. The tail attaches with a side release clip to the foam body pod. The tail is removable for cleaning and packing for shipping.

• The cool vest is worn over the actor’s own t‐shirt. It zips up the front. Adjust the elastic strips on the sides so it is comfortable. See instructions at the end of this notebook.

• The foam body pod is removable from the fur cover. When the costume needs to be cleaned, then we will remove the fur cover.

• Step into the body. Make sure the elastic straps are secure under the performer’s feet.

• The foam body pod has Velcro closure at the shoulders. As the body is pulled up allow the performer to insert his arms into the sleeves before securing the Velcro attachments at the top of the foam body pod.

• Put the shoes on now. The personal shoes should already be set into the character feet.

• The head goes on now. The head has a chinstrap that adjusts on both sides of the actor’s face with Velcro and a suspension liner that adjusts with a ratchet at the back of the head. Both should be adjusted very snuggly. Make sure the fur neck tucks into the head and snaps to the head at the center back.

• The head has a fan inside for the actor’s comfort. The switch on the bill of the inner hat turns the fan on. The fan needs 8 “AA” batteries to run and are located, in groups of 4, inside the hard hat. When replacing the batteries, the negative end of the batteries goes toward the spring.

• The hands go on last.

• Make sure the head fan is OFF before packing the costume

Firefox Cleaning and Maintenance

Allow the costume to dry out completely before closing it up in the provided storage bag.

• A mixture of 100 proof vodka and water (50/50) can be sprayed on the costume (while it is still damp from the actor’s perspiration) to control odor and bacteria.

• DO NOT dry clean or apply heat to the costume. Dry cleaning fluids and heat can damage the materials used in the construction of your costume.

• The fur body over and gloves may be machine washed in cold water, on delicate cycle and dried with No heat. Use cool fluff air cycle to dry. NO HEAT

• The feet, tail, and head can be spot cleaned with baby wipes, or delicately washed by a commercial cleaner in cold water and drip dried if they are careful to keep the electric dry.