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This document is a placeholder for features that have been pushed out of the Firefox 3 release due to schedule (and certain not desire). They are candidates for future Firefox releases.



ID Status Requirement Assignee Bug/Design links
GKO-001b At risk Print layout and preview layout should look identical
GKO-001c At risk Print layout should be zoomed/cropped to fit desired page size
GKO-001d At risk Printed material should match user expectations
GKO-002b At risk Form content management, loss prevention Per mconnor, we don't really want to do this.
GKO-012a No Go JavaScript 2 Brendan, Graydon


ID Status Requirement Assignee Bug/Design links
GKO-003a At risk Provide infrastructure for an extensible Web page archiving system
GKO-011a No Go XBL2 Jonas Sicking
GKO-016a At risk Firefox on XULRunner (and shipping XULRunner platform) Benjamin Smedberg
GKO-013a P3? Language-agnostic DOM