FirefoxSummit/2006/MathML in HTML5

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Session Title

MathML in HTML5 (@WHATWG and @W3C)

Session Leader

Roger B. Sidje (rbs)


It was six years ago, on 24 December 1999, that the last version of HTML, HTML4.01, became a W3C Recommendation. Since then, W3C shifted its focus to XHTML, but despite the single focus and drive received by XHTML, it has to be admitted that XHTML has failed miserably to make any visible inroad into the mainstream -- especially compared to the rate of adoption of other specs before it.

The good old HTML remains the lingua franca of the web, motivating others outside W3C, namely the WHATWG, to consider an extended spec, dubbed HTML5, that would include some features (such as webforms, canvas, or math markup) to address the most pressing needs missing in HTML. Against this backdrop, Tim BL recently recognized that XHTML did not catch on, and revived the HTML WG at W3C. So here we are again, considering once more what to add to HTML, and the hope this time is that math markup won't miss out, whether considering HTML5 @ WHATWG, or HTML5 @ W3C.


  • HTML5
    • @ WHATWG
    • @ W3C
  • MathML in HTML5
    • Demo of a Firefox build with MathML-in-HTML.
  • Discussion/Issues: XML islands (applications of XML inside HTML)? namespace, character entities, style resolution.

Interested Attendees

Christopher Aillon