FirefoxSummit/2006/ProposedSessions/Community Program

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Session Title

Mozilla Community Program

Session Leaders

Seth B


This session will provide an update on the progress of the Community Program, and a discussion of future work.



  • Overview of recent progress
  • Introduction to Frank Hecker and description of Mozilla Foundation efforts
  • Case studies of recent recipients
    • These will serves as examples of how the process works and what are some excellent examples of what we are beginning to support
  • Conclude with upcoming ideas and a call for nominations/new funding ideas

Interested Attendees

  • Firefox Volunteer Community
  • Asa Dotzler
  • John Lilly
  • Mitchell Baker
  • Everyone!  :-)
  • Reed Loden
  • Ken Saunders
  • Zbigniew Braniecki
  • Sheppy
  • Jeff Walden (maybe)
  • Steve England
  • Frank Hecker
  • Gen Kanai
  • Ian Hayward
  • Axel Hecht
  • Adam Guthrie
  • Mic Berman
  • Juan Becerra
  • Jay Patel
  • Zak Greant
  • Justin Scott
  • Pascal Chevrel
  • Kaori Negoro
  • Anne-Julie Ligneau
  • Tristan Nitot