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Firefox Mobile Companion

Led by Doug Turner

Quick notes on the discussion follows:

Lots of people have cell-phones with browsers - most don't use it Mobile web-browsing sucks

What would a "Mobile Companion for Firefox" be?

  • Data on cell phone rather wirelessly accessible than USB stick (profile, passwords, calendar, etc.)
  • Special formatting on phone for personal paginated data (Maps, photos, etc.)
  • Plug-in per site to "compress" to mobile format (Google Maps, etc. - like
  • Does there have to be a client on the phone (Java, etc.) or are SMS, MMS, etc. sufficient? What about brand recognition on the phone? Maybe both?
  • Voice services are strong in the US, not so much elsewhere (1800TELLME)
  • Timeless loves Google and talks a lot.
  • Bookmarks and password manager from Firefox should work on your phone
  • Laptop is the current "home base" with all data, but is too big. Anything to bring your computing environment with you (autocomplete, history, notes, bookmarks, etc.) is good.
  • Do people email driving directions (text version) to themselves so it can be accessed on their phone? Yes, some people do this.
  • What about cell-network data-plans? Are they reasonable? Many people have unlimited data plans, but most seem not too.
  • Browsers on phones suck and the content on the internet is not designed for small screens
  • Nokia S60 browser (built with web-kit) does interesting zooming interface
  • Encourage web developers to create mobile-friendly sites (W3C has an initiative for this)
  • Store snippets of text from web browser pages and have them show up on your phone.
  • WAP is dead and those who want to keep it alive should die too
  • Operator silos suck because they lock you into set sites
  • More phones are shipping with "real" browsers
  • Games? They are huge on phones, could Firefox/Minimo bring in games?
  • Games/apps need to be "signed" or unlocked to run on phones
  • Should we aim for all phones everywhere, or focus on certain markets with special advantages (phones, networks, etc.)?
  • PDF, XLS, MOV, AVI viewer/player/download support is weak on mobile phones. This browser, if version planned for java based smartphones like Blackberry, should address these problems. Pocket PC Phone/Pocket IE/Win mobile smartphones have other browsers and phones beat on this capability.
  • Browser must support OTA software installation.