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Session Title

Microformat Detection in Firefox

Session Leaders

Alex Faaborg (UE) and dmose/Myk (Implementation)


Should Web browsers retroactively react to the organic development of the Web, or should they proactively drive innovation and progress? In this session we will discuss adding support for microformats in Firefox 3.


  • Introduction to microformats
  • Overview of the competitive landscape
    • Apple
    • IE8
    • Live Clipboard
  • The pros and cons of native support
  • The need for a unified user experience for data detectors
  • The user experience of microformat detection
  • Implementation issues

Interested Attendees

  • Alex Faaborg
  • Sherman
  • Myk
  • Jay Goldman (Radiant Core) - we've been working on a Firefox Extension for some time that does Microformat detection and will, one day, do handling of different formats. I've done a bunch of thinking around how to do the UI side of things, so maybe our efforts can end up part of the Fx3 conversation.
  • Dria
  • David Baron
  • Frederic Wenzel
  • Sheppy
  • Dietrich
  • Axel Hecht
  • Gen Kanai - fwiw, I used to work at Technorati Japan and have had a close working relationship with the Technorati US team as well as Tantek
  • Ian Hayward (Glaxstar)
  • Ryan Flint
  • ispiked
  • beltzner
  • Steven Garrity (if schedule allows)
  • Basil Hashem
  • robcee
  • Juan Becerra
  • Crowder