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Session Title

Mozilla Labs

Session Leaders

Alex Faaborg and Basil Hashem


This session will provide an update on the progress of launching Mozilla Labs, and a discussion of future work.

Mozilla Labs Quick Overview - File:MozillaQuickView.pdf


  • Overview of recent progress
  • Planning the future of Mozilla Labs
    • Guest bloggers on
    • Bringing UI designers into the open source community
    • Overview of discussion with various companies/entities
    • Create a Web site to enable contributers to submit work at any stage of development: drawn on napkin -> wire frame -> mockup screen shot -> buggy extension -> finished extension -> universally popular extension -> feature in firefox(?)
      • Needs to support discussion
      • Needs to support attribution, an incentive for people to build on your work
      • Needs to support some kind of digg/whuffie system
    • Tech Talks in the Mountain View office, uploaded to GooTube

Interested Attendees

  • Alex Faaborg
  • Basil Hashem
  • David Rolnitzky
  • Jay Goldman (Radiant Core)
  • Gen Kanai
  • Ian Hayward (Glaxstar)
  • Dave Townsend
  • Sheppy
  • Dria
  • Majken Connor
  • Nick Thomas
  • Steve England
  • Frank Hecker
  • Steven Garrity (if schedule allows)
  • Marcio Galli
  • dietrich
  • Mike Kaply
  • Adam Guthrie
  • robcee
  • Juan Becerra