FirefoxSummit/2006/ProposedSessions/Text and Typography

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Session Title

Text And Typography

Session Leader

Robert O'Callahan


We are reworking Gecko text infrastructure to support higher quality typography, to better support I18N, and (hopefully) for better performance. This session is to talk about where we're at and what still needs to be done for Gecko 1.9 and beyond.


  • Why typography matters
    • Ligatures, kerning, the competitive landscape
    • I18N
  • New textrun abstraction
    • Textrun API overview
  • New textframe
    • Features: hyphenation, complete clustering support
  • Cross-DOM-node textrun construction
  • Demo
  • Discuss how this fits with SVG, MathML, I18N
  • Need for new linebreaker API; discuss options
  • Discuss changes to line breaking algorithm
  • Discuss Auto-hyphenation

Interested Attendees

Please add your name here if you're likely to attend this session, this will help prioritize sessions and minimize conflicts.