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Session Title

Spread Firefox, the next phase, empowering the user community

Session Leader

Ian Hayward (Glaxstar)


Can we do more to simplify the Mozilla universe for new Firefox users? Can we improve the tools and web assets to further empower Firefox users to help other users?

As Firefox adoption grows, are there improvements we can think about to make sure that new, less-technically orientated Firefox users experience an understandable Firefox world, where they are able to easily seek help, advice and support about Firefox from our existing Firefox "user" community.


  • What we have now in terms of tools, communities and documented resources for Firefox users
  • Could we improve communication between communities (e.g. Spreadfirefox and Mozillazine)
  • How can we discover the level of interest within the user community to provide end user support for Firefox
  • Discuss the power of enabling Firefox advocates to adopt the technical-contributor model
  • How could this be organized and managed?
  • Discuss the downsides & advantages of attempting this

Interested Attendees